How the world celebrates Flour. Power. Life.

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    Year of publication 2022 April

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    Scope & contentFlour. Power. Life. is the motto of the FlourWorld Museum, and points to the vital role that the ‘white gold’ has played for humanity over many thousands of years. For billions of people all over the world, flour is an essential part of their lives, and many have developed a very special relationship to it.

    World Flour Day was initiated by the FlourWorld Museum to honour flour as one of the most important staple foods.

    In 2022, the entire flour processing industry celebrates diversity and belonging on this day. To this end, the museum has invited all farmers, producers, processors, retailers or shippers of flour to submit stories about what flour means to them, with all submissions then collected on in the form of photos and videos.

    The chief aim of this project is to give a varied picture of the important role flour plays around the globe and how it affects, shapes and enriches all of our lives.

    Flour to me means stability
    Memory Mukaro, Business Unit Manager, National Foods Limited, Zimbabwe

    Flour means innovation to me!
    Michael Gusko, Global Director Innovation, GoodMills Group GmbH, Austria

    An interview with Carsten Blum, Head of Marketing, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe and founder of World Flour Day…Read more.


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