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    Scope & contentMilling and Grain takes an exclusive look into the latest incredible turnkey project for flour and cereal production in Kazakhstan

    By Genc Degirmen, Turkey

    Kazakhstan has a large agricultural sector where livestock and cereal production play a leading role. Most professions are created in the agricultural sector.

    The country, which has wide and fertile lands, has a great potential in agriculture. Currently, Kazakhstan is one of the largest grain producers and exporters in the world. The share of agriculture sector in GSYIH is five to six percent.

    The main agricultural products of the country are wheat, maize, rice, oats, cotton, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beet and sunflower products. The country is self-sufficient in the production of bread and animal feed, which are the staple food. According to figures from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Kazakhstan, the world’s sixth largest exporter of grain, exports grain to about 40 countries, mainly wheat.

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