Argonauta. Part 5

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Antolini, Sergio [Author]

Publisher Milling & Grain
Year of publication 2022 March

Medium Digital

Arts, culture and heritage


Scope & contentAuthor - Dr Sergio Antolini, President of Ocrim and Paglierani, Italy

Wheat, a heritage of nature, is a botanical engineering which, in the old varieties of wheat, near maturity, provided a culm up to two meters high, to shelter from weeds.

Then the hand of man, the domestication, already in 9000 BC, and subsequently the genetic improvement of the grains lead to the current varieties.

Self-sufficient hermaphroditic plant species, able to reproduce independently, without having to interact with another specimen of its own species, but can be pollinated by different species, giving the advantage of raising new varieties, hybrid varieties. One of these varieties is soft common wheat, which, marking the history of humanity, has become the most important on the planet. The varieties of wheat differ from each other for the better identified characters such as the height and size of the culm, the leaf extension, the color, the compactness, the shape of the ear…Read more.


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