Rex Wailes Collection. Marjorie Batten, windmill preservation pioneer

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    Trout, Elizabeth [Author]

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    Year of publication 2022 March

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    Miss M I Batten is the author of English Windmills Volume 1 which was published by the Architectural Press in 1930. We have a copy in the Mills Archive Library available to visitors. However, it is only through our work on the Rex Wailes Collection that we are understanding how significant this book is and the part Marjorie Batten played in the preservation of windmills.

    Marjorie Isabel Batten was born in Kensington in 1903, daughter of Holgate Batten, a land agent, and Jane Forbes of Scotland. Marjorie had two older brothers, John Forbes Batten and Stephen Alexander Holgate Batten. The family lived at Moorlands, Horsell, Woking but then moved to Folkestone, Kent by 1911…Read more.


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