Carr’s Flour Mills

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    Year of publication 2018

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    Scope & contentVisiting Carr’s Flour Mills gave me a real insight into the life of a working mill. The original mill was founded in 1836, by Jonathan Dodgson Carr, who built it on the principles of quality, innovation and understanding the needs of customers.
    The Maldon mill, in Essex, still retains those core values and has been completely transformed into a truly 21st century operation.

    The mill was built in 1896 for Samuel Garrett. It later belonged to William Green and Sons, then Green Bros, and subsequently Carr’s. Along with the other Carr’s mills it was purchased by Whitworth Bros in 2016.

    Together, with Carr’s other mills at Silloth and Kirkcaldy, it processes 300,000 tonnes of wheat a year. Inside the mill, state of the art modern milling equipment takes centre stage – from the enormous sifters to the Buhler roller milling machines…Read more.


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