Cyber-risk. An ongoing threat

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    Year of publication 2022 February

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    Scope & contentHow cyber-attacks are impacting our industry, and what can be done about it

    By Caitlin Gittins, Milling and Grain magazine

    At the beginning of last year, we were met with the disconcerting news that AKVA group, a major technology supplier present in global markets, had been victim of a cyber-attack and was believed to have been a ransomware attack.

    For those who aren’t clear on what this means – it typically refers to hackers entering a company’s system and encrypting their data, then forcing the company to pay a ransom in order to gain back access to that important data.

    The more sophisticated cyber gangs will despatch customer service members to communicate with the company, in order to make the payment of the ransom seamless.

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