Titanium rollers

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2018 November

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    Repair & construction of mills > Mill design & engineering


    Scope & contentBy Eloisa Martino, Marco Galli and Daniele Rossini, Ocrim S.p.A, Italy

    The correct operation of an entire milling plant is determined by many factors, including some related to the design, the performance of all the machines, as well as correct and timely maintenance. Ocrim has studied and designed the best way to optimise and enhance the mill’s operation, linked to the performance of the rolling mills, in order to optimise both time and maintenance costs. This led Ocrim to focus on the grinding rollers, designing a solution that would incorporate as many benefits as possible for the end user.

    For this market request, the solution presented by Ocrim involved including titanium coated rollers for the fluted passages in the grinding process, ensuring a much longer life of the rollers currently used by the entire milling industry. The Ocrim Research & Development Department, following this new engineering strategy, carefully studied the results related to the titanium coating of the rollers, in order to be able to share with its customers important opportunities that this innovative product can offer….Read more.


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