#5 Crushing roller mill

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2019 October

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    Cereal processes > Animal feed milling

    Scope & contentBy Maren Weßels, Amandus Kahl, Germany

    High-quality ingredients and an optimal formula are the most important factors in animal feeding. The importance of the feed structure, however, often goes unmentioned, although recent findings of the feed industry have shown that it is an at least equally important factor for successful feeding and fattening.

    For this reason, the machine and plant manufacturer Amandus Kahl has focused its research efforts on this field: For decades, the German company has manufactured the so-called crushing roller mill which ensures the ideal adaptation of the feed structure to the needs of the respective animal species.

    As the name suggests, a crushing roller mill consists of two rollers that crush the product. In addition to different types of grain, also legumes, oilseeds and feed mixtures can be processed. Unlike in the hammer mill which crushes the grain with maximum force, specific crushing takes place in this machine.

    Thus, the obtained final product is not mealy or powdery, but a crushed and coarse-grained feed…Read more.


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