Argonauta. Part 4

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Antolini, Sergio [Author]

Publisher Milling & Grain
Year of publication 2022 January

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Arts, culture and heritage


Scope & contentAuthor - Dr Sergio Antolini, President of Ocrim and Paglierani, Italy

The Song of Ulysses
and the Ship of Theseus

Consider your seed:
you were not made to live like brutes,
but to follow virtue and knowledge
Dante Alighieri

Thus, as everyone (even the very young) knows, canto XXVI of the Divine Comedy, also known as Canto di Ulisse, is set in the eighth pit of the eighth circle of Hell, where the fraudulent advisers are found and refers to the speech that Ulysses addresses to his companions to encourage them to continue their journey beyond the Pillars of Hercules.

Today's life sees us increasingly distant from fields and agriculture, ignoring it and providing a useful scenario for the proliferation of images that lead it back more to commercial suggestions rather than reality. This penalises the perception of innovation and its role in agriculture, where the actors are not only the researchers working in the laboratories, but also the farmers, that are, those who sow and work the land. The farmers alone first, with the help of agronomists after, applied the results of the research to work in the fields, transforming the research itself into innovation…. Read more.


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