Mycotoxin challenge

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    Scope & contentBy Robert Hamilton, Olmix, France

    Mycotoxins are toxic chemical molecules produced by fungi. They resist high temperature and anti-mould treatments. Mycotoxins are found in all cereals, oilseeds (soya bean, rapeseed) and forages. Grain maize, maize & whole-crop silages, corn by-products followed by cereals and various fibre supplies are the highest risk raw materials. Mycotoxins are polycontaminates, with trichothecenes (DON, T-2, HT-2) and fumonisins being the most occurring worldwide.

    Mycotoxins are a threat to dairy herd performance, due to the toxicity they can exert individually, or together in the case of polycontamination. Managing mycotoxin risk, to prevent any impairment in performance, entails the implementation of an adequate control plan to properly evaluate the risk, and an appropriate interpretation of the results, in order to take the adequate measures in terms of diet formulation and toxin binder usage.

    Olmix has developed a full set of comprehensive tools to help nutritionists implement a smart mycotoxin risk management on farms....Read more.


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