Hot on the trail. Choosing a grain dryer that best suits your operation

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2019 February

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    Scope & contentBy Rodie Jelleberg, Superior Grain Equipment, Manufacturing USA

    Mixed-flow dryers use about half the energy of conventional screen dryers, and with capabilities ranging from 735 to 7,500 bushels per hour, each can fit small family farms or large commercial operation.

    With grain prices so low, cost-cutting measures take higher priority than usual. What can be trimmed or eliminated? What can be done more efficiently? Grain dryers are a good place to start trimming because they can pull a lot of unnecessary energy.

    Selecting a new grain dryer may be the answer to significantly reducing the farm’s fuel consumption — and keeping the energy budget in the green.

    Thorough research helps determine which dryer will best suit each operation long before pouring a concrete pad. Consider grain quality, energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, easy expansion capabilities and safety features, which all contribute to one objective — reaching the highest return on investment.

    Rodie Jelleberg, customer service manager at Superior Manufacturing, and has been with the company for more than five years. Since Superior purchased EXCEL grain dryers three years ago, he has taken an active role in research and development and was the key designer for the gas train and electrical system. As customer service manager, he regularly meets with current and potential customers to provide grain-handling solutions…. Read more.


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