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Publisher Department of Trade and Industry
Year of publication 1995

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Energy & power > Wind power
Generation of Electricity > Renewable energy sources
Generation of Electricity > Wind farms


Scope & contentNFFO (Nion-Fossil Fuel Renewables Orders) operating capacity: as of 31 December 1994, 144 of 197 projects which had gained support were already in production in England and Wales with a total capacity of 325MW. broken down as follows:
Hydro 28 projects (20MW)
Landfill gas 46 (78MW)
Industrial waste 6 (72MW)
Other waste 5 (58MW)
Sewage gas 26 (33MW)
Wind 33 (64MW)

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  • 1: Biomass - new players enter the market
  • 2: Wnd farms and public opinion
  • 3: NFFO operating capacity
  • 4: International success for UK Companies
  • 5: The Wind Fund; the UK's first renewable energy investment fund
  • 6: Positive about waste; the UK's growing number of combustion projects