PMG construction manual

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    Piggott, Hugh [Author]

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    Year of publication 2001 February

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    Generation of Electricity > Windpower


    Scope & content"This manual describes how to build a 'permanent magnet generator' (PMG). We can
    also call it an 'alternator', because it generates alternating current (AC). It will not
    generate 'mains voltage' or 'utility power' AC. It generates low voltage, 'three phase'
    AC, and then changes it into 'direct current' (DC) for charging a 12 volt battery."

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    • Notes: This manual was commissioned by
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      The Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development
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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Introduction
    • 2: List of materials and tools
    • 3: Jigs and Moulds
    • 4: Stator construction
    • 5: Rotor construction
    • 6: Assembly
    • 7: Testing and connecting
    • 8: Additional information