Kapitler af vindkraftens historie i Danmark 4. årgand

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    English titleA Chapter of Wind-power's History in Denmark, 4th volume
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    Publisher Elmuseet, Poul la Cour Museet, Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarande Energi and Danmarks Vindkrafthistoriske Samling, DVS
    Year of publication 2008

    Medium Book

    Generation of Electricity > Windpower

    Scope & contentThis 30-page booklet contains articles on the development of windmills to produce electricity. The articles are about:

    The Danish Wind-electricity Association, DVES, – the first society to promote wind power in Denmark.

    A history from the first electricity-producing windmill in Askov in 1891 to Johannes Juul who in 1904 promoted modern alternating current, AC.

    The FLS “Aeromotoren” – a Danish pioneering mill Agricco in 1917 realized that the aerodynamic experiences from aircraft industry could be used in windmills.

    Home-made windmills in the Varde district during the Second World War.

    The wind power pioneers in the seventies and eighties.

    Preserving some of the towers and the electric parts of the Second World War windmills.

    The booklet also contains a lot of photographs, drawings, old advertisements and a table of electricity production of various mills.

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