Food security. Development and prospect of China’s international cooperation on food security in the past 40 years of reform and opening-up

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2019 April

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    Scope & contentBWenbin, Henan University of Technology, China

    International cooperation in food security is growing. Since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, China’s international cooperation in food security has gone through a process from being initially closed and semi-closed to conditional trade exchanges and, gradually, to trade liberalisation, from receiving assistance to foreign aid, from in-kind assistance to technical assistance, and from humble introductions to going global.

    The international food security situation remains grim. Global trade protectionism and populism are on the rise, posing great challenges to international cooperation on world food security. Food security involves resources, environment, climate change and biodiversity, and is an important part of building a community of a shared future for mankind.

    As a responsible major developing country, China needs to make its voice heard in world food security cooperation and play a leading role in world food security.

    Although many countries in the world hope to rely on China to develop their own economy, they also remain somewhat cautious about China. Recently, the China threat theory has been renewed. The expansion of China’s influence has given rise to the “China infiltration theory”.

    Therefore, in the future, international cooperation on food security is necessary to strengthen the communication and coordination between governments, enhance political mutual trust, and strengthen food security cooperation with traditional friendly countries in Asia and Africa... Read more.


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