GABA functional ingredient

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2019 April

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    Scope & contentBy Houqing Liu, Manager, Grain Analysis Office, Satake Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co, Ltd., China

    Food provides essentially three functions to us. First function is “nutrition”. Its role is to provide some of the seven nutrients, including energy, minerals, fat, and vitamins in order to sustain life. The second function is “taste” that promotes appetite; good taste and flavour make eating a satisfying experience and help enhance the feeling of happiness and improve life. Third is “health” that affects our bodies functions, such as immunity improvement, disease prevention, symptom alleviation, health maintenance, etc.

    These three major functions of food were first theorised by Japanese scientists in the 60’s and then later embraced in Western countries. Presently, this theory is widely known, in particular, the third function, which is further being studied through basic research for various applications in many countries.

    Various functional foods are developed and sold also in Japan. For example, numerous functional food products have been developed to help suppress elevated blood pressure, prevent or alleviate menopausal disorders, improve sleep, and beauty effects. One of the well-known functional foods in this category is the germinated brown rice/GABA rinse-free rice, enriched with GABA... Read more.


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