CIM-Safe a step change in fire safety

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2019 May

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    Scope & contentBy Cimbria.

    In the grain processing industry, and particularly in grain drying, there is always the potential risk that a spark can occur, and it is therefore necessary to implement solutions that will minimise the risk of serious damage to the equipment.

    Cimbria now takes the current technology into the next level by introducing CIM-Safe, the most efficient spark detecting technology on the market. The CIM-Safe registers the glow from sparks and embers via a high-sensitivity infrared detection system and immediately sends an alarm to the operator and shuts down the dryer, thus preventing a fire from developing.

    The grain processing market developed in the direction of fewer, but bigger, processing plants in which efficiency and reliability are key. In terms of maintaining productivity and profitability, it has been even more important now than ever
    to focus on safety equipment that ensures the
    safe operation of plants and detects sparks and embers as quickly as possible.... Read more.


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