Moulins de provence histoire des moulins a farine de Lorgues.: Moulins de provence

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    English titlemills of Provence. history of flour mills in Lorgues.
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    Kraemer, Jaques [Author]

    Publisher Association Régionale des Amis des Moulins de Provence
    Year of publication 1992

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > France
    Cereal processes > Flour milling


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    • Notes: Donated by J. Kenneth Major/ William Hill. Summary TranslationA collection of information regarding three communal mills in the Lorgues region of France. Gives information about the Florieyes River from its source to its mouth and the mill(s) situated along it. Accounts problems with the site of the mill; too much or too little water and its cost. Contains old documents such as newspaper/ printed articles and letters- for example, a photocopy of a letter from a petition opposing the construction of a fourth mill in the region. Includes maps and plans of the region for example a map showing the positioning of the Moulin du Paroir (and includes documentation on its construction) in establishment plans for a railway from 1877. Also contains letters between millers/ millwrights and owners. Includes copies of laws and regulations. Particularly in relation to the law of Banalité, a political movement in France. Includes photographs of pits/ holes/ wells and machinery. Includes a table at the back of the book on key dates throughout history in relation to mills, particularly flour mills.