A la chasse aux papillons. système de mise au vent automatique des moulins

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    English titleChasing butterflies: focusing on the subject of the system of automatic windmills
    Authors & editors

    Amary, Jean Francois [Author]
    Porcher, Christian [Author]
    Raclin, M [Author]

    Publisher Les Cahiers De l’Ama
    Year of publication 1991

    French (main text)

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    Energy & power > Development of technology


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    A journal on the study of windmills and the renewed interest in windmills, particularly the ‘Moulin de l’Epinay à la Chapelle-Saint-Florent’ (Epinay windmill) and flour production. Discusses wind turbines and compares the development of different types of windmills from around the world particularly Germany and South Africa. Features photographs and diagrams of different features of the windmill structures. Includes a section on the Papillon en Anjou. This could be a term used for the mill/ a type of machinery (papillon=butterfly) mentioned in the text or could be a term for a throttle/valve used in the mill. Several references to 'Papillon' are made throughout the text, for example Description d'un papillon allemand (lit. translation. Description of a German butterfly).

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