Ailes Berton: le succès d'une invention

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    English titleBerton’s sails. the success of an invention.
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    Amary, J F [Author]
    Rivals, Claude [Author]
    Gibbings, C [Author]
    Raclin, M [Author]
    Cussonneau, Christian [Author]
    Porcher, Christian [Author]

    Publisher Les Cahiers De l’Ama
    Year of publication 1996

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    Scope & contentSummary Translation Brief history of the industrial revolution in England- including the introduction of automatic regulations/adjusting sails on mills. Also discusses France post-Revolution and changes to mills afterwards. Discusses the life of the inventor Pierre-Theophile Berton born in 1803 in Barbonne. Particularly focusses on his inventions that were used on windmills specifically in Anjou and, later on, other regions in the west of France. However, it Discusses Pierre-Theophile Berton’s tomb stone (discovered in 1987 by the services of the Conservation des Antiquités et Objets d’Art du Département de Maine-et-Loire), as it has an image of a mill engraved on it. Discusses his family as, in reality, there were two Pierre-Theophile Berton’s (father and son). Gives information on his background, and what led to his inventions. His inventions meant that the mill’s sails/ wings would consist of an assembly of moveable boards which replaced the canvas. Includes a chapter on the functions and variations to his inventions on the wheel and other mechanisms. Includes maps, photographs and diagrams of windmills from western France and Paris.

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