Coping with Covid-19. Ocrim's innovative responses to an increasingly demanding market

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2021 November

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    Scope & contentWhat is the best way to deal with a global socio-economic crisis? Where and how to direct resources are best placed to ensure stability even in unexpectedly difficult moments? The answer comes from those dynamic companies that have always given innovative answers to the increasingly demanding and evolving agri-food market.

    Dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic was easy for no one, especially at the beginning of its appearance. Italy was the first Western country to be hit and served as an example (not to mention guinea pig) for the rest of the world. Overnight, companies began to wonder what would happen, wondering in which direction they would go.

    Certainly, in this article we cannot make an excursus of all the Italian milling/agri-food companies, but we do want to talk about Ocrim, which, from the first moment, has rolled up its sleeves and has reorganised itself in an exemplary way in order to cope with the pandemic and to ensure that their team could work safely, either in the company or remotely…. Read more.


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