Moulin de Luzy: Le moulin de Saloué à Dun-les-Places

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    English titleLuzy Mill: Saloué Mill in Dun-Les Places
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    Publisher Association "Moulins du Morvan"
    Year of publication 1993

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    Scope & contentSummary TranslationA history of Luzy mill, situated near Autun in Burgundy. Gives the history of the mill at Dun-Les Places (a commune in the Nièvre department in central France) over seven centuries. Notably, discusses the period 1792-1854. Includes a list of the mill owners over the years; including Claude Ramage, M. Lacroix and Pierre Provot. Information on its renovation in 1854 by Portrat and Peny, who created a society to reconstruct the mill. Gives information on the different improvements made in the restoration to: the turbine, the electric motor and the steam engine etc. Includes information on Saloué Mill. Gives information on the Saloué mill’s last owner and worker.

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