Early trades and industry: part 1

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    Pyne, W H [Author]
    Gray, C [Author]

    Publisher Luton Museum
    Year of publication 1974

    English (main text)

    Medium Facsimile reprint


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    Accession no. 229250

    • Shelf location: V 200 - PYN Oversize
    • Notes: Facsimile of the 1808 edition published by William Miller, entitled: 'Microcosm: or, a picturesque delineation of the arts, agriculture, manufacturers, &c. of Great Britain. In a series of above six hundred groups of small figures for the embellishment of landscape: comprising the most interesting subjects in rural and domestic scenery, in external and internal navigation, in country sports and employments, in the arts of war and peace.'; Contains mostly etchings of rural crafts