Bulletin de l’Aram Beauce

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    English titleBulletin from L’Aram Beauce Mills
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    Publisher Association Regionale des Amis des Moulins de Beauce
    Year of publication 1985

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    A news bulletin by the Association Regionale des Amis des Moulins de Beauce (the regional association of the friends of the Beauce mills/ mills of Beauce). Divided into different chapters on different subjects associated with mills. Firstly gives a brief outline of the dates of previous events that various members of the Association were involved in. Includes photographs taken by members of the Association. Also includes how much the Association has learnt about different sorts of mills (Moulins pivots) over time. Shows diagrams of different mill mechanisms. Operation Pont-Roulant- discusses a project to protect Pont-Roulant mill in this region. Discusses different types of mill; ‘hollandaise mill’ (Dutch mill) and its features, asks whether Pelard mill is an example of this type of mill. Includes a poem written by an unknown person in 1939 about the decline of an old mill.

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    • Notes: Trimestriel. Quarterly Bulletin [New series No. 3. Last series ended at No. 5]