Roues hydrauliques en Pierre au Pays Basque. 1984.

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    English titleHydraulic wheels in Pays-Basque. 1984.
    Authors & editors

    Garcia-Diego, Jose A [Author]

    Publisher San Sebastian
    Year of publication 1984

    French (main text)
    Spanish (main text)

    Medium Book

    Energy & power > Development of technology


    Scope & contentSummary Translation

    A news bulletin with an introduction in Spanish. Introduces the main themes of the text; on the subject of wheels for water power and energy. Gives lists of specific wheel mechanisms, gives Pays-Basque as an example. Gives information on types of wheel mechanisms and how they developed. Gives information on the location of specific objects; for example Museum locations. Includes diagrams, photographs and maps.

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    • Notes: Introduction written in Spanish, the rest of the text is written in French. There is a Spanish translation of the French title on the front cover.

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