Forge d'Aube

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    English titleAube’s smithy / Aube’s foundry
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    Lecherbonnier, Yannick [Author]

    Publisher Inventaire General SPADEM
    Year of publication 2001

    French (main text)

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    Mining & extraction > Iron
    People and communities > People, families & firms


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    A short tour guide on the museum on metallurgy in Pays D’Ouche, an historical region of Normandy. This guide focuses on the iron works in Aube, a commune of Pays D’Ouche. Specifically looks at the development of iron works in the area. Includes images or ironwork such as Roman objects and diagrams. Gives information on the history and family tries of those who owned and worked at the iron foundry/ smithy for example Charles de Courdemanche. Discusses hydropower and the ovens used to create the iron.

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