Benoit Fourneyron et l’invention de la turbine hydraulique. mémoire de D.E.A. 1983

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    English titleBenoit Fourneyron and the invention of the hydraulic (water) turbine. D.E.A’s Memoir/ Memoir of D.E.A. 1983.
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    Deleage, J P [Author]

    Publisher DEA Science, Technologie, Société CNAM- Université Paris I
    Year of publication 1983

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    Energy & power > Water power


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    History of water energy in France notably the role of hydraulic energy during the Industrial Revolution in France. Discusses Benoit Fourneyron’s work in inventing new mechanisms and motors for hydraulic turbines and the origins of these inventions. Also discusses his role in the Société d’ Encouragement, a society for the celebration of work in national industry founded in 1801. Includes a section on other notable and influential people related to the invention of water turbines and uses of water energy, including Albert Euler, R. Phillipe and J. V. Poncelet.

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