Moulins de l’Hérault. arts et traditions rurales. Dossier 7.

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    English titleWindmills of Hérault. Rural arts and traditions. Dossier 7.
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    Publisher Energies Eoliennes 1
    Year of publication 1987

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    A dossier with chapters, written by different people, on various wind and water mills, and turbines, in the Hérault department in the south of France, named after the Hérault River. A few descriptions of the mills in Hérault are in old French, not spoken anymore. An article on the Alignan-Du-Vent windmill, and its neighbour- a watermill- and their history including who owned and worked at the mills. Another article, written by Michel Adgé on the wind turbine at Roueire, which he discovered in 1976. He gives a description of the machine, how it functions, its position and ‘mechanical orientation.’ He also discusses the Éolienne Bolée, a wind turbine invented by Ernest-Sylvain Bollée, and its uniqueness for having a stator and a rotor, as a water turbine has. He mentions two plaques on the wall for ‘Auguste Bolée’ the son of Ernest-Sylvain Bolée. Gives the history of this family. An article on the wind mills in the Thau Lagoon (l’étang de Thau) in Hérault. Tells the history of the area from the first appearance of wind mills; the techniques, the history of windmills in the region from the thirteenth century onwards. Two types of wind mills were used over the centuries in this region. Gives details on the mechanisms, and shows plans of the interior. Gives information on the grain and wheat produced. Also gives information on the archives. Specifically mentions various places in Hérault: Frontignan (gives information on millworkers and owners from 1773); Poussan (three windmills for grinding grain for the community there); Loupian (a windmill and its owners), Villeveyrac (windmill mentioned in the communal register), Montbazin- (mills in this commune of Hérault), Bouzigues, (mills and turbines) etc. Includes an inventory for the mills in Hérault, by Pierre David, including Montpellier, Montbazin, and Thibery). Includes maps, posters, old articles and letters, plans and photographs. Another chapter on Caylar à Villeveyrac, and the old mills there. Also a section of notes on a wind turbine in Montepeyroux in Hérault, experiences of draining and the desalination of marshes by wind turbines in Vic-La-Gardiole in around 1868.

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