Moteurs hydrauliques

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    English titleHydraulic motors
    Authors & editors

    Champly, René [Author]

    Publisher Roc de Bourzac
    Year of publication 1992

    French (main text)

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    Energy & power > Water power


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    Gives information on the specific legislations and civic codes on the regulation of water sources/ water flow from 1919- including conservation. A chapter on the arrangement/ layout of channels and canals, how these were devised, managed and altered. Includes mathematical equations and tables. Includes diagrams and tables documenting the power of the water. Also discusses how the tides are used to generate hydroelectric power. General information and then more specific information on hydraulic motors; their mechanism and development and their usages. Includes drawings and diagrams. Includes motors powered by wheels under the water, and the forces used to generate electrical power. Includes propeller mechanisms. Includes tables on different dimensions of turbines; the maximum input and outputs of various machinery. Discusses water mills in general- the types of motors used and how they function, including how different mills use different wheels and mechanisms.

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