Ballenberg: musée en plein air de l’habitat rural Suisse: guide pour la visite du musée/ guide book for a museum visit

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    English titleBallenburg: an open-air museum in a rural Swiss habitat
    Authors & editors

    Gschwend, Dr Max [Author]
    Jaccottet, Georges [Author]

    Publisher musée suisse en plein air Ballenberg
    Year of publication 1980

    French (main text)

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    Scope & contentSummary Translation Synopsis: An introduction written by the Museum about the original edition of this guidebook (originally written in German), and the Ballenburg site in Switzerland -an “open air” museum; its history and development there. Gives a lot of detailed plans of various buildings on the site- their floor plans etc. - including mill sites- mostly areas for agriculture, pig farming. Gives information on the impact the World Wars had on the site and the locals’ way of life, discusses corn and other materials. Also discusses the importance of the conservation projects that have allowed the museum to develop. Mostly discusses individual houses and buildings on the site. Mills are mentioned sparingly. Includes a map of the site. The different wooden structures are also discussed. The history of a ‘pressing house’ is mentioned, called the Pressoir de Schaffhouse, canton de (district of) Schaffhouse, as well as a granary.

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