Trends in the Korean rice industry

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    Year of publication 2021 October

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    Scope & contentBy Yang Longguang, Deputy Head, International Management Division, Satake Corporation

    The consumption of rice in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) is thought to have started around 3000 years ago. Rice is the staple food of Korea to the point that people commonly say that the power of Korea comes from rice, with 30-40 percent of their daily energy believed to come from eating it.

    Changes in rice consumption patterns have presented new challenges and opportunities for the Korean rice industry. To stay competitive, rice producers will need to enhance their facilties in order to suit consumer palettes for high quality rice products.

    With the help of government support policies, contract cultivation, and improvements to storage and processing facilities, producers must make an effort to develop products which are responsive to changing consumer demands....Read more.


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