Gurson Montaigne terres d'histoire

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    English titleGurson Montaigne. such history
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    Gardeau, Léonie [Author]

    Publisher Roc de Bourzac
    Year of publication 1992

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > France


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    Introduction about the author written by Jacques Lafond-Grellety.

    The history of the Gurson Montaigne region in Bordeaux, including Puynormand, Perigord, Puy-Chalus. Starting with the Middle Ages, the book looks at castles situated around this area and their history. Key people of the period- discusses King Edward of England, Catherine de Grailly. Most importantly there is a chapter in the second part of the book entitled Les Moulins de la seigneurie de Montagne (the windmills of the Lordship of Montagne. / Montagne’s Lordship.) Discusses the mill called Moulin de Bracau, and the kingdom around it; discusses streams in the region such as the Rieutord, but focuses mostly on the Lidoire stream- its route and meanders. Discusses why this helped to present a strong case which ultimately led to permanent water mills being built alongside the stream, from around the earliest known in the Middle Ages. Another mill, the Moulin de Bracau’s neighbour le Moulin de Saint-Claud was used for grain for animals. Mentions the owners of the mills, the grain produced and the decline of the mills. Discusses key people such as Vincent Bertrand, who was a miller in 1578 but his successor is not as well-known. Also mentions various sites being split up over the area, including the mills. The Moulin de Bracau was abandoned around 1669. Mentions Jabert who, according to oral history/ traditional tales, came from Holland to raise/ rebuild the ruined mills.

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