Rapid ELISA test kit for the quantitation of glyphosate in durum wheat samples

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2019 July

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    Cereal processes > Cereal and milling science


    Scope & contentBy Fernando Rubio, Lori fields and Thomas Glaze, Eurofins Abraxis, USA

    The Eurofins Abraxis Glyphosate ELISA test kit is capable of analyzing durum wheat samples for glyphosate concentrations. Evaluation of the test kits for this application suggests that data is both reproducible and accurate. The %CV was less than 20 percent, across three sample extracts of the same durum sample prepared and analyzed separately according to kit instructions. Correlation between ELISA runs were greater than 0.990. Likewise, the assay demonstrated good recovery of spiked samples with percent recovery ranging from 97 percent to 103 percent.… Read more.


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