Lab solutions for gluten-free applications: Current tools for analysing raw materials

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    Year of publication 2019 July

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    Scope & contentBy Brabender

    The global market for gluten-free products continues to grow; according to statistics recently published by, global sales are expected to reach US $7.6 billion in 2020, double the figures for 2013 ($3.8 billion).

    According to Euromonitor, gluten-free products play an important role, particularly in the Western European markets, for example Italy (with a share of 13%), the United Kingdom (9%) and Germany (8%) as well as the US market (24%).

    Gluten-free products play a special role in product innovations in the context of “free-from” claims, as revealed by research conducted by the market research firm Mintel in 2016: In Germany, 11 percent of all newly imported foods and drinks were labeled as “gluten-free” (Austria, 11%; Switzerland 6%) - almost twice as many as in reference year 2011 with a share of six percent. And product developers are setting their sights on laboratory analytics for the “gluten-free road” to innovative recipes… Read more.


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