Young leaders meet in Switzerland to share ideas for a sustainable planet

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    Year of publication 2021 August

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    Feeding the world

    Scope & contentHow can young leaders connect and foster diverse skills to implement business ideas that contribute to a more sustainable planet? How can they all scale impact by building ecosystems, even unusual ones? Where can they start?

    These were some of the key guiding questions that set the tone of the discussions in the two-day event, and they are aligned with the purpose of the One Young World initiative.

    Creating a more sustainable planet
    On June 19-20, 2021, 250 young leaders came together in the Swiss towns of Uzwil, St Gallen, and Arosa, Graubünden, to exchange ideas on how to create a more sustainable planet at the One Young World Switzerland Caucus 2021.
    As official partners of One Young World, the Bühler Group hosted the event on June 19, and Arosa Tourism welcomed the young leaders on June 20.

    One Young World is a global forum that finds, promotes, and connects the world’s most impactful young leaders to create a better world, with more responsible and more effective leadership.
    The annual One Young World Summit brings together the brightest young talent from every country and sector working to accelerate social impact. Delegates from more than 190 countries are counselled by influential leaders such as Dr Jane Goodall, Paul Polman, and Professor Muhammad Yunus.

    The Bühler Group has been collaborating with One Young World since 2016, supporting and hosting local events in Switzerland and sending a delegation of its promising young leaders from its Generation B movement to summits, including those held in Bogotá, Colombia, and The Hague, the Netherlands.

    Turning discussions into action
    On Saturday afternoon, the participants joined interactive sessions on the different topics: building a sustainable company; shaping a company to be sustainable; and shaping an industry: sustainable tourism.
    The first day was closed with the speech of Kate Robertson, co-founder of One Young World, who highlighted that young people today are the most informed, most educated, and most connected generation in human history and that they are willing to do the hard work of change right now.

    “This event is unique because it brings the power of the corporate world into the hands of people who want a better future. This is the chance to start affecting change, right now,” she says.
    Sunday was the action day for the young leaders. Together in Arosa, they had dived deeper into the three different action topics: building a sustainable company; shaping a company to be sustainable; and shaping an industry: sustainable tourism and created an action plan to address key sustainability issues.

    As Jessica Jones, co-organiser of the event and member of Generation B, says: "It was inspiring the way we were able to bring together young, driven leaders from diverse organisations, and discuss the actions and impact we can have when we collaborate. Throughout the event, discussions were clearly focused on what we can do, and not just nice ideas.”


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