Vindmoller og Vandmoller i Danmark Bind 2

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English titleWindmills and Watermills in Denmark Vol 2
Authors & editors

Lebech-Sorensen, Anna Marie [Author]

Publisher Skib Forlag
Year of publication 2004

Danish (main text)

Medium Book

Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Nordic & Baltic countries


Scope & contentForeword by HRH Prince Henrik, Protector for the Danish Milling Society.
This book is illustrated with photographs, drawings and paintings from the early mills to the modern generators. The book stresses the enormous importance of mills in the olden days which is illustrated by the sayings and verses they generated.

After several pages of mill history told by poems, the book lists 31 mills in alphabetical order from Borbjerg Mølle to Ørnbjerg Mølle giving information on address, age, state and dates for restoration and current use. The text explains the history and current state of each mill in great detail and suggests visits to other near-by mills.

The last part of the book is on modern hydro power stations with photos of them and their turbines.

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