Rice flour by SATAKE’s small milling unit CMU30A

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    Year of publication 2019

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    Scope & contentBy Tsuyoshi Fujishima, Flour Milling Group, Technical Division, Satake Corporation

    Rice flour is a generic term for rice flour made of both non-glutinous rice and glutinous rice. The rice flour type is shown in Figure 1. Rice is the only self-sufficient grain in Japan, but the annual consumption of rice-per-capita has been decreasing year by year due to the diversification of consumer needs.

    On the other hand, in recent years, as the national policy aims at expanding the use of rice flour as a substitute for wheat flour in order to improve the self-sufficiency rate, products using rice flour have been developed in various places by improving flour milling technology and bread-making technology, and the use of rice flour has been expanding to various products such as bread, western confectionery, and noodles.

    Concept of designing and function of CMU30A
    CMU30A is a unit system that can be easily moved and installed and is an impact milling system for both dry and wet milling. It was developed based on the concept of compact design, easy maintenance and low-volume production… Read more.


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