Beyond the Ri’ichi. From local town in Japan, to the world

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    Saita, Hiromi [Author]

    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2019 November

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    Economics & commerce > Specific companies
    Cereal processes > Rice milling


    Scope & contentBy Hiromi Saita, Senior Staff, International Management Office, Satake Corporation, Japan

    Since its foundation in 1896, Satake’s 123 years of history have been an endless challenge with technological breakthroughs and regional boundaries. Initially started as a short grain rice milling machine manufacturer in Japan, Satake’s products now range from rice milling machinery, flour milling machinery, biomass gasification systems and microbial analysers for ballast water, to packaged rice for the food industry.

    Satake currently serves its customer with 29 Ri’ichi Satake offices in 13 countries outside of Japan, and supply products and services to over 150 countries worldwide, establishing and extending its global production system and service network.

    We would like to go back in time and explore how Satake expanded its application of the short grain rice milling machine beyond the realms of imagination to all other products... Read more.


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