Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation: Black Slaves and the British Empire

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    Craton, Michael
    Walvin, James
    Wright, David

    Publisher Longman
    Year of publication 1976

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    Food (non-cereal) processes > Sugar
    People and communities > Slavery


    Scope & contentAn attempt at a comprehensive survey of British slavery, ie those areas in which slaves were freed in 1838 and the slave trade up to 1808. The editors have attempted to select contemporary documents which show the slave trade, slavery and slave law without the polemic glosses provided by contemporary abolition and emancipation movements, while illustrating how the movements fitted into the general context of the reforms they visualised.

    The bulk of the book is devoted to eighty four detailed extracts are provided of documents dating from 1535 (Oviedo on the Hispaniola sugar industry) to 1842 (Resolution of Commons Committee on the West Indies). Each section (see Divisions below) has an extensive list of sources ad suggested further reading.

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: The African Trade
    • 2: Plantation Slavery
    • 3: Slavery and the Law
    • 4: Anti-slavery: The intellectual origins
    • 5: Abolition
    • 6: Emancipation
    • 7: Conclusion: Apprenticeship 1834-1838