Revue Agricole et Sucrière de l'Ile Maurice Vol 53 nos 3 & 4

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    English titleReview of agriculture and the sugar industry in Mauritius
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    Publisher Revue Agricole et Sucrière de l'Ile Maurice
    Year of publication 1974

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    Food (non-cereal) processes > Sugar


    Scope & contentSugar-related articles listed in Divisions

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Composition and yield of sugar cane at different ages in relation to its utilsation as an energy source for livestock pp132-137
    • 2: Effect of plant age and time of harvest on yield of six sugarcane varieties grown in contrasting environments pp138-148
    • 3: Histoire de domaines sucrièrs de lile Maurice VII - Savane; Rouillard, G, pp 149-184
    • 4: Publications of the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute (1953-1974) pp 206-211