Wind Report

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    Temple, Steve [Author]

    Publisher SPAB
    Year of publication 2020

    Medium Digital

    Energy & power > Wind power
    Arts, culture and heritage > Heritage conservation

    Scope & contentThe overall objectives of the wind analysis are:
    • to provide methods for transposing a local meteorological station windrose to the actual windmill, taking into account the local obstacles;
    • to verify the whole calculation process for assessing the current state of the wind at a mill by testing it at a number of mills;
    • to check and update the Molenbiotoop calculation used to predict future losses. As it stands, the Molenbiotoop does not allow for trees, and there is no available verification evidence from its original inception;
    • to provide well substantiated statements to planners about the potential harm done by any new planning proposal in the vicinity of a windmill.

    We conclude that:
    The Molenbiotoop can be used to transpose a wind rose from a nearby meteorological station to a windmill, taking into account the obstacles round the mill. It can be used to predict the additional loss that would be caused by a new development, expressing that loss as a percentage of the currently available milling time.

    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Introduction
    • 2: Background
    • 3: Objectives
    • 4: Proof of linearity
    • 5: Transposition of windroses
    • 6: Milling time
    • 7: Molenbiotoop
    • 8: Height measurement
    • 9: Summary of results
    • 10: We conclude that
    • 11: Acknowledgements

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