Novel ingredients impact all aspects of animal and food production

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2021

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    Cereal processes > Animal feed milling

    Scope & contentBy Davide Randazzo, Senior Global Sales Strategist, Bygora GmbH, Germany.

    With the increase of the human population and concerns about sustainability, researchers are finding new options for animal feed and human consumption.

    Novel ingredients, generally considered to be food ingredients that were not consumed before 1997 within the EU, are the key to a sustainable future within many industries and are the focus of research and development teams worldwide.

    Many novel ingredients and foods are currently being used for human consumption. They are primarily ingredients that are part of final products. Exotic fruits fall under this category, such as the Baobab and Noni fruits and juices.

    For those with a baby or a young child, many formulas and baby foods include N-Acetyl-D-neuraminic acid. Another area in which novel ingredients are being used regularly is baking, where algal oil from microalgae can be added to rolls, bread, and biscuits….Read more.


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