Theatrum machinarum molarium: oder schau-platz der Mühlen-Bau-Kunst

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    English titleA theatre of millwrighting
    Authors & editors

    Leupold, Jacob [Author]

    Publisher Schäfer
    Year of publication 1982

    German (main text)

    Medium Facsimile reprint

    Arts, culture and heritage > Traditional millwrighting

    Scope & contentSummary Translation Detailed instructions for the construction of water mills, floating mills, windmills, animal-powered and treadmills and mobile field mills, followed by chapters on stamping mills and their uses, paper mills, fulling mills, glass polishing mills, boring mills, sawmills, stone cutting mills, threshing mills, chopping mills, perpendicular clocks, pepper and coffee mills.The book is illustrated with diagrams.

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    • Notes: Gothic script. Facsimile reprint of 1735 edition published in Leipzig