Argonauta. Part 1

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Antolini, Sergio [Author]

Publisher Milling & Grain
Year of publication 2021 July

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Cereal processes
Arts, culture and heritage


Scope & contentAuthor - Dr Sergio Antolini, Ocrim & Paglierani of Cremona, Italy

…The adventurous journey aboard the Argo ship with destiny in the hostile lands of Colchis to the regaining of the golden fleece ...


From the Natufians, inhabitants of the Fertile Crescent, to the Senator, ancient wheat with long legs, like a curbstone between the green revolution and the genetic revolution, here is the mill in whose belly the gears bite time. Great time gear!

And again bread to represent life and man's ability to think, to use nature, to intelligently satisfy his own needs.

The Argonaut, in an imaginative journey from the geosphere, to the biosphere to finish at the noosphere, crosses the domains of human evolution accomplished through spiritual means, language, intelligence, industry society, to probe them in opposition to domains of biological evolution.

Transported by the great game of emotions, appealing to philosophy, cosmology, science, theology and poetics, the Argonaut crosses the landscape, flying or sailing, both in the air or in the water, respecting physics, but also fantasy, in which there are no trajectories, because time and space are no longer correlated with each other.

Sophism or philosophy?

The first is not related to cosmology or even to the archè, the primeval force that dominates the world, from which everything comes and to which everything returns, while the second is based on knowledge, where metaphysics (part of philosophy that deals with authentic aspects of reality), physics and science are the basis… Read more.


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