Commonwealth within itself - The early Brazilian sugar industry, 1550-1670

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    Schwartz, Stuart B [Author]

    Publisher Revista de Indias
    Year of publication 2005 vol. LXV, no 233 pp. 79-116

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    Scope & contentAbstract (Google translate):
    This essay examines the basic contours of the sugar economy in Brazil between 1550 and 1660, when it became the main producer of said article in the Atlantic world.

    It begins by analyzing the broad spectrum that placed the country in the context of the commercial system Euro-American, to then study local conditions and specific land challenges, the labor and capital that the early Brazilian sugarcane industry faced and that conferred on it a peculiar character and contours.

    Finally investigates the rapid expansion of the sector until 1620 and the reasons why its growth stagnated, even before the rise of new competitors in the Caribbean after 1650

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