The Rex Wailes Collection. The books he has written

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    Cookson, Mildred M [Author]

    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2020

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    Scope & contentBefore Rex came on the scene there were no authoritative books on windmills. He changed all that in the decade after the Second World War. In 1948, The Architectural Press published his text Windmills in England, filled with wonderful, black and white photographs of every type of mill that existed at the time. Coupled with and exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, it must have raised the spirits of post-war Britain.

    In 1954 he wrote The English Windmill and in 1979 the illustrated Source Book of Wind and Watermills. The former, illustrated by his very good friends, the artist Vincent Lines and the photographer Hallam Ashley, is still many years later the ‘windmill bible’... Read more.


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