Tracking down wheat intolerances

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2020 March

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    Scope & contentBy GoodMills Innovation, Germany.

    Wheat makes you sick and fat. As provocative as this statement is, it’s not an uncommon one. For the last decade, in popular science books and the media, wheat’s once untarnished reputation has been progressively eroded.

    Many consumers now attribute digestive complaints, malaise or headaches to the wheat in bread and increasingly opt for gluten- and wheat-free products. As an alternative to the much-maligned grain, GoodMills Innovation offers 2ab Wheat. The UK market for gluten-free products has experienced double-digit growth since 2008.

    To understand the differences between 2ab Wheat, modern wheat and other ancient grains, it’s important to have a close look at the types and triggers of gastrointestinal symptoms.... Read more.

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