Pursuing sustainable feed production

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    Year of publication 2021

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    Scope & contentUsing advanced technology to reduce, monitor and control energy usage

    By Jonathan Iman, Corporate Project Services, Wenger Manufacturing, USA

    There are many places where small changes can lead to great progress toward a more environmentally friendly production facility, putting you in a favourable position for earning desired certifications that validate your green practices.

    Feed industries are continually making changes in order to comply with government mandated food safety regulations. Most recently, big shifts in consumer awareness have put even more scrutiny on the feed and food industry. Consumers not only want to know where their food came from, but also its environmental impact all along the supply chain.

    Their mindsets are evolving from, “Is this fish on the menu a threatened species?” to, “Was this fish grown in a fishery with sustainable feed and fair working conditions for the labourers?” The consumer wants assurance that the food they are consuming can be traced all the way back to the beginning... Read more.


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