Hamilton's sugar mill, Nevis, Leeward Islands, Eastern Caribbean

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Wright, Neil [Author]
Wright, Ann [Author]

Publisher Industrial Archaeology Review
Year of publication 1991 XIII (2), 114-141

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Food (non-cereal) processes > Sugar


Scope & contentThe sugar industry has dominated and shaped the economic and social history of the Caribbean for the past three centuries, but the development of large central mills and competition from other regions of the world has led to the disappearance of the original estate sugar mills.

Hamilton's mill is one of the few in the Caribbean which still retains much of its machinery and functional architecture, combining seventeenth century layout and practice with some elements of nineteenth century steam power.

These important remains were surveyed in 1988 by the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society and this report combines those results with historical research in Nevis and the United Kingdom. Collapse

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