Satake in West Africa

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    Year of publication 2020 July

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    Scope & contentBy Kassem Nameh, Manager, Satake West Africa

    The West African agricultural and processing sectors are constantly growing, particularly the rice, coffee and cashew industries. As the demand for new technology, greater efficiency and higher throughputs for grain processing and associated industries continuously increases, Satake West Africa is poised to respond to the growing needs of customers in the region.

    In March 2020, according to CommodAfrica, it is estimated that West Africa imports around 14,155 million tonnes (mt) of rice against a worldwide trade of 4 I ,688mt. West Africa imports around 30 percent of rice traded internationally. For instance, in Nigeria, tbe local rice consumption per capita of 32kg has increased 4.7 percent in the past decade, almost four times the global consumption growth, and reached 6.4mt in 2017, accounting for 20 percent of Africa's consumption.... Read more.


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